Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What stands out about collage?

Collage is a great experience. It prepares you for the outside world. It actually allows you to get an education in something that excels your mind into doing. The collage experience for me has been time consuming and stressful. I miss a lot of my friends back home. Most of all I miss my girlfriend Amanda. In collage you will have hard times, fun times, but never boring times. You will have to do tons of walking! Yes, I'm already tired of all the walking.

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  1. College is definitely tough, but as everyone keeps saying, it is also full of great and fun experiences! I will also admit that all the walking is not fun, but given the size of UT's campus it is a necessary evil. Lol!

    My relationship with my fiance' has been long distance for the last two years and will continue to be for the next 6-7 months. It is hard when someone you care about is away from you, but it is possible to continue the relationship. We talk on the phone nearly everyday and try to visit one another every month. I know that is probably not going to be possible for you to see her each month, but definitely when you can. Also there is Skype now and other forms of technology that allow you to feel closer to a person even though they are miles away. If you ever want to talk about long distance relationships or relationships in general, please feel free to find me. :-)